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Letter Licker Envelope Moistener - Model LM3
Letter Licker Envelope Moistener
Model: LM3
Size: 3.75 in. x3.75 in. x2.25 in.
Weight: 1
Price: $25.44
The Premier LM3 Letter Moistener is a convenient slot that allows the quick dispensing of water onto letter flaps and stamps that moist sponge. This is one of those small offices of accessories. It has more sanitary than licking envelopes and no chance of paper cuts! For this pervasive flu season, take every precaution! So what are you waiting for? Order now!

  • All purpose moistener designed for fast processing of envelopes and stamps
  • Easily moisten all sizes in easy 1-handed swipe
  • Separate area specifically made to apply moisture to stamps or fingers
  • Advanced cellulose wick pulls water from the bottom-stays moist for days
  • Enclosed housing prevents splashing


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