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Heavy-Duty Forms Cutter/Perforator
Form Burster Model: 3800FC
Here is the smooth-operating well-designed cutter that performs a variety of functions, the Martin Yale 3800. Different sizes of perforating wheels, slitters and scoring rollers are several accessorie..
Heavy-Duty Forms Cutter/Perforator  
Martin Yale / 3800FC
Size: 36'' x 27.5'' x 13.25''
Weight: 85
  • High end unit that handles up to 150 lb. card stock
  • Ideal for scoring, and perforating brochures, checks, coupons, tickets and computer-generated forms
  • Variable speed handles up to 15,800 sheets per hour
  • Bottom-feed system allows reload of machine without turning off
  • Depth control adjustment to compensate for variable paper thicknesses
  • Optional 3, 7, and 10 tooth per inch perf wheels. Also sltters wheels and scoring rolls
  • Available geared as a forms cutter (3800FC) or perforator (3800AP)
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Heavy Duty Standalone Forms Burster
Form Burster Model: 63751
The 63751/63753 Heavy Duty Forms Burster was originally developed by Swingline. This machine is more than enough for most bursting jobs. It includes high-end all-steel construction, heavy duty rollers..
Heavy Duty Standalone Forms Burster  
Martin Yale / 63751
Size: 52 in. x 26 1/4 in. x 39 in. (with conveyor stacker)
Weight: 328
  • The 63751 Burster is the elite machine among the Martin Yale Product line
  • This unit comes standard with an anti static bar and static transformer
  • Burst up to a 5-part carbon interleaved (9-ply) continuous-feed forms
  • Processes forms at a variable speed of up to 250 feet per minute
  • Handles paper weights from 10 lb. to 110 lb. bond
  • Self-sharpening margin slitters
  • Sequence stacker insures numerical stacking of the separated forms
  • Handles forms 3 1/2 in. to 16 in. wide and 2 5/8 in. to 12 in. long
  • In-feed table (model 70525) is optional
  • Model with optional center slitter available (model 63753)
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Electronic Burster
Form Burster Model: 968
The Martin Yale 968 Electronic Forms Burster is a great machine that logically controlled the bursting system that features full electronic integration and stores up to five (5) form lengths in the me..
Electronic Burster  
Martin Yale / 968
Size: 23 3/4 in. x 9 1/2 in. (18 in. w/tray) x 8 1/2 in.
Weight: 94
  • Electronic length adjustment forms burster
  • Bursts continuous pin-fed forms, up to 12,000 documents per hour
  • Trims margins from 3/8 in. to 5/8 in., also can be disengaged so that no margins are trimmed
  • Electronically calculates form length and adjusts to form size
  • 5 stored forms in memory
  • Handles 3-part carbon-interleaved and 5-part carbonless forms
  • Free material testing
  • Made in U.S.A.
  • Up to 1-year warranty (consumables not included)
  • Installation available, call for details
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Forms Burster
Form Burster Model: 970A
The Martin Yale 970A Form Bursters is very simple to operate.
The unit separates continuous form of documents and slits the every edge off the sides (single-ply only.) It simply adjust the tear-bar t..
Forms Burster  
Martin Yale / 970A
Size: 19 1/2 in. x 24 3/4 in. x 8 7/8 in.
Weight: 76
  • Entry level unit in the line of Martin Yale Bursters
  • Burst up to 5-part carbonless, 3-part carbon interleaved, continuous feed documents/forms
  • Slits and bursts single-ply forms
  • Adjustable margin slitters are self-sharpening high-carbon,steel and adjusts from 1/2 in. to 3/4 in. trim for a single ply document
  • Chemical resistant rollers
  • Handles form sizes 5 1/2 in. to 17 in. wide, and 3 in. to 12 in. long
  • Forms are processed at speeds up to 6,100 8 1/2 in. forms per hour or 15,000 3 1/2 in. checks per hour
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